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  • Introduction of OEM Carbon Steel Metal Stamping Plates:

    Carbon steel is one of our most commonly used metals. Carbon is the main alloying element of steel materials, so steel materials can also be called iron-carbon alloys. It is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%

    Generally, carbon in the steel, the higher the carbon content, the higher the strength and hardness of the steel, but the plasticity and toughness will also decrease; on the contrary, the lower the carbon content, the higher the plasticity and toughness of the steel, and its strength , the hardness will also decrease.

    Application of OEM Carbon Steel Metal Stamping Plates:

    According to the application requirements of different industries, carbon steel is divided into three types: low carbon steel(carbon contect <0.25%), high carbon steel (carbon contect >0.7%), and medium carbon steel (carbon contect<0.25%). Each type of carbon steel has different strength and application industries.

    Process of Metal Stamping Parts:

    The main processes of metal stamping parts are: punching, blanking, deep drawn, bending forming, flanging, thinning and stretching, trimming, turning, pressing, pulling, expanding, shrinking, shaping.

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