Where are ductwork blast gate damper used?

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Mar 03,2022

A ductwork blast gate damper is a device that provides resistance to movement and consumes movement energy.

A ductwork blast gate damper is a device that provides resistance to movement and consumes movement energy. Various dampers (or shock absorbers) have been used in aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automobiles and other industries to reduce vibration and energy. Since the 1970s, people have gradually transferred these technologies to structural engineering such as buildings, bridges, and railways, and their development has been very rapid. In particular, the hydraulic viscous ductwork blast gate damper with a history of more than 50 years has undergone a large number of experiments, strict examinations, repeated demonstrations, and especially a long process of earthquake testing before it was accepted by the structural engineering community in the United States.

ductwork blast gate damper

A device that can quickly stop the movable part of the instrument in a stable deflection position. In seismic instruments, the damper is used to absorb the natural vibration energy of the vibration system, and its damping force is generally proportional to the speed of the vibration system. There are mainly three types of liquid dampers, gas dampers and electromagnetic dampers. The damper plays an important role in compensating the small friction and air resistance in the vibration pickup pendulum system and improving the frequency response.

Ductwork blast gate damper are mainly used for anti-vibration of pipelines and equipment in nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, iron and steel plants, etc. It is often used to control the shocking fluid vibration (such as the rapid closing of the main valve, the discharge of the safety valve, the impact disturbance such as water hammer, and the broken pipe) and the vibration of the piping system induced by the earthquake.


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