Characteristics of automotive deep drawn metal stamping

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Mar 09,2022

Automotive deep drawn metal stamping is the metal stamping parts that constitute auto parts.

Automotive deep drawn metal stamping is the metal stamping parts that constitute auto parts. In automobile stamping parts, some of them become auto parts directly after stamping, and the other part needs to be processed by welding, machining, or painting before they can become auto parts after stamping.

deep drawn metal stamping

1. Surface quality

Any tiny defects on the surface of deep drawn metal stamping parts will cause diffuse reflection of light after painting and damage the appearance of the shape, so the surface of stamping parts is not allowed to have waves, wrinkles, pits, scratches, necking and other damage to the surface Aesthetic flaws. The decorative ridges and ribs on the stamping parts are required to be clear, smooth, left-right symmetry and transitional symmetry evenly. In short, stamping parts must not only meet the functional requirements of the structure, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of surface decoration.

2. Size and shape accuracy

The shape of deep drawn metal stamping parts is mostly a three-dimensional surface, and its shape is difficult to accurately express in two-dimensional drawings. Therefore, its size and shape are often described by three-dimensional solid models, which are the main manufacturing basis. The two-dimensional drawing of stamping parts The size and shape marked in the 3D model, including the three-dimensional surface shape, the position size of various holes, and the shape transition size, should be consistent with the 3D model.

3. Strength and stiffness

Deep drawn metal stamping parts must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the body does not undergo plastic deformation and reduce body vibration, which requires sufficient deformation of the stamping parts to fully stretch the sheet. The outer panel of the automobile body has a relatively gentle curved surface. Compared with the thickness of the material, its surface area is large. When an external force acts on the surface of the part, it should have a certain resistance.


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