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There are ways to replace the ductwork blast gate damper
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There are ways to replace the ductwork blast gate damper

As we all know, ductwork blast gate damper are widely used, such as explosion-proof doors. Although it is not a core component, once it fails, it will bring great inconvenience to our use. So how should we deal with the sudden "strike" of the damper? There are two ways:

ductwork blast gate damper

The first is to send the ductwork blast gate damper directly to the relevant maintenance point for repair, which is the easiest and most worry-free method.

The second is to replace it by yourself. Friends with strong hands-on ability can try it after purchasing a new damper. The seller will provide the relevant installation diagram. However, you need to confirm the actual strength of the product before purchasing, otherwise it will affect the use effect. .

In addition, some ductwork blast gate damper may require other accessories, and you should consult the seller before purchasing. Of course, if you are concerned about your own hands-on ability, it is recommended to choose after-sales products or professional maintenance personnel to replace them, so as to avoid unnecessary Loss.