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Stability of metal stamping parts production
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Stability of metal stamping parts production

The stability of metal stamping parts production is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to a process plan that satisfies the stability of producing qualified products; production stability refers to a stable production capacity in the production process.

metal stamping parts

Since most of the mold manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable part of them are still in the traditional workshop-style production management stage, the stability of the mold is often ignored, resulting in a long mold development cycle and high manufacturing costs. The pace of development of the enterprise.

Let us first take a look at the main factors affecting the stability of metal stamping parts, namely: the use of mold materials; the strength requirements of mold structural parts; the stability of stamping material properties; the fluctuation characteristics of material thickness; the range of material changes; The resistance of the tensile rib; the variation range of the blank holder force; the choice of lubricant.

As we all know, the metal materials used in stamping dies involve many types. Due to the different roles of various parts in the die, the requirements and selection principles for their materials are also different. Therefore, how to choose mold materials reasonably has become one of the most important tasks in mold design.

When selecting die materials for metal stamping parts, in addition to requiring the materials to have high strength, high wear resistance and appropriate toughness, it is also necessary to fully consider the characteristics and output requirements of the processed product materials, so as to achieve the stability of the die forming. Require.