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Requirements for automotive stamping parts
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Requirements for automotive stamping parts

1. The material must have good plasticity. It has the ability to produce long-term deformation without being damaged by external force. For cold-worked parts, it should have good cold plasticity, such as automotive stamping parts; for hot-worked parts, it should have good thermoplasticity, such as hot-forged spring steel plates, hot rivets, etc.

automotive stamping parts

2. Good weldability. Many automotive stamping parts are welded together by spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding, so stamping parts must have good welding performance. This is especially important in auto repair and repair. Materials with good weldability have high welding strength and low cracking tendency.

3. Low price, economical and practical. For any part of the car, economics should be considered when working conditions are met. Ferrous metals can be used, but non-ferrous metals cannot be used; non-ferrous metals can be used, but precious metals must not be used. The life of automotive stamping parts should be compatible with the life of other parts of the car.

4. Good chemical stability. Most car covers work outdoors and are in constant contact with water and steam, especially like mufflers, which are often exposed to high temperatures and corrosive gases. Therefore, automotive stamping parts must have good chemical stability, which not only requires corrosion resistance and strong rust resistance at room temperature, but also requires no corrosion or deformation under high temperature or sunlight.