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Problem solving method of automotive stamping parts
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Problem solving method of automotive stamping parts

Automotive stamping parts are rich in products and complex in shape. In general, precision metal stamping can produce small auto parts with smaller dimensions and complex shapes. However, in stamping production, some undesirable phenomena may occur. How to avoid these problems has become the primary problem in processing high-quality stamping parts. The following are solutions to problems related to automotive stampings.

automotive stamping parts

The mid-plane support is the key load-bearing connection for the overall instrument panel assembly of the vehicle cab. It is an important part to ensure the stable and reliable use of various instruments. Due to the high-speed rotation of the high-power engine and the harsh road conditions of the vehicle, the cab is prone to strong vibration and turbulence, which causes the circuit and some functions of the instrument on the front control panel to malfunction or fail. malfunction or malfunction.

Therefore, the midplane support must be able to withstand impact, bending fatigue loads and torque, so that it has sufficient flexural strength, shear strength and good toughness. In addition, if the workpiece is being formed beyond its applied force, or if the microcracks extend to such an extent that they tear or skew, not only is material wasted, but the mold can be accelerated during part-load operation.

In the assembly of the instrument panel bracket of the automobile cab, it is found that in the production of automobile stamping parts, the left and right brackets on the middle surface are often torn and skewed. These defects are mainly distributed in parts of the workpiece, the corners of the side walls and the junction of the R arc and the wall neck. After careful analysis, it is believed that the main reason for the mold is that the mold is unstable during the processing of the mold, and the mold cannot be adjusted when the mold is worn for a long time and the gap between the core and the core and the mold structure are improperly designed. Therefore, we can propose corresponding control measures from two aspects of technology and management, and provide reference for the process of similar parts and the design and processing of automobile stamping parts.