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Notes on the use of pressed bend in china
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Notes on the use of pressed bend in china

1. The electrode should be dry when used. The titanium calcium type should be dried at 150 °C for 1 hour, and the low hydrogen type should be dried at 200-250 °C for 1 hour (do not repeat the drying many times, otherwise the coating will simply crack and fall off) to avoid the electrode. The coating sticks to oil and other dirt, so as not to add carbon content to the weld and affect the quality of the weldment.

2. In order to avoid eye-to-eye corrosion due to heating, the welding current should not be too large, about 20% less than that of carbon steel electrodes, the arc should not be too long, and the layers are cooled quickly, and a narrow weld bead is appropriate.

pressed bend in china

3. In pressed bend in china, proper amount of stable elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc. are added to improve corrosion resistance and weldability. The weldability is better than that of stainless steel stamping pressed bend in china. When selecting the same type of chrome stainless steel electrode, it should be preheated above 200 ℃ and tempered at about 800 ℃ after welding. If the weldment cannot be heat treated, a chrome-nickel stainless steel electrode should be used.

4. There are titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type for pressed bend in china. Titanium calcium type can be used for AC and DC, but the penetration depth is shallow during communication welding, and it is easy to turn red at the same time, so DC power supply should be used as much as possible.

5. When pressed bend in china is welded, carbides are separated by repeated heating, which reduces corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.