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Introduction of material requirements for ductwork clamps
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Introduction of material requirements for ductwork clamps

Material requirements for ductwork clamps

Ductwork clamps are U-shaped support devices used to secure ductwork to a variety of surfaces and support structures.

ductwork clamps

Heavy-duty ductwork clamps are suitable for fixed pipelines with oil, water and gas as medium in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, vehicles, ships, electric power and other mechanical hydraulic systems. U-shaped ductwork clamps are generally made of standard carbon steel, and some products can also be made of plastic. After stamping, sheet metal, surface galvanizing and other processes, they are made into a "U" shape. U-shaped ductwork clamps have the advantages of simple structure, elegant appearance, durability and convenient disassembly and assembly. U-shaped ductwork clamps have unique advantages such as vibration reduction, noise reduction, sound absorption, and abrasion resistance.

ductwork clamps consist of: ductwork clamps body and nut

ductwork clamps material requirements: can be manufactured on request

Description of ductwork clamps:

The surface treatment of ductwork clamps is galvanized, other surface treatment methods can be selected as required