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How to solve the small problems of automotive stamping parts
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How to solve the small problems of automotive stamping parts

The processing of automobile stamping parts is a widely used processing method. In the process of metal stamping, it involves deep drawing, trimming, punching, flanging, opening and other processes. Creating some problems is very complicated. So what are the common problems of automotive stamping parts? Below, we will organize and introduce them.

automotive stamping parts

1. The burr mainly occurs in the shearing die and the punching die, and the gap between the large or small cutting edges will produce burrs.

2. Adhesion and scratches on the surface of automobile stamping parts or molds due to friction between materials and punches or molds.

3. Concave and convex, there are foreign objects (iron filings, rubber, dust) mixed into the uncoiled wire.

4. The punching size is too large or too small, and the difference between the punch size and the punch size is large.

5. When forming the workpiece, squeeze the first contact with the die and form a line.

6. Twisting, due to uneven stress, poor matching of drawing bead or poor control of press slider, etc., the R angle of the part or the corner and strain of the embossed part are caused by tortuousness.

7. The strong pressure of automobile stamping parts on the material and the plastic deformation of the material will cause the size of the punched hole to increase, and when the strong pressure is reduced, the size of the punched hole will be smaller.