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How to make quality Pressed ventilation elbow
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How to make quality Pressed ventilation elbow

There are three production methods of quality Pressed ventilation elbow: hot push forming, stamping forming and medium plate welding

1. Hot push forming

It is necessary to use a pushing machine, a core mold and a heating equipment. The finished tube blank is placed on the core mold, and it is pushed and heated at the same time, and it is formed at the same time. Pressed ventilation elbow has beautiful appearance and uniform thickness.

quality Pressed ventilation elbow

2. Stamping

According to different materials, you can choose cold pressing or hot pressing, put the tube blank into the outer mold, and after the upper and lower molds are combined, under the push of the press, the tube blank moves along the gap reserved between the inner mold and the outer mold to complete the forming process.

3. Medium plate welding

Welding of medium plates is aimed at the production of large quality Pressed ventilation elbows. First, cut two medium plates, then press them into half of the section of quality Pressed ventilation elbow, and then weld the two sections together. In this way, the quality Pressed ventilation is produced. There will be two welding seams on the elbow, so the welding seams should be inspected after production, and only those that meet the standards will be required.