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Good Quality Pneumatic Blast Gate
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Good Quality Pneumatic Blast Gate

Good Quality Pneumatic Blast Gate / Sliding Damper

Pneumatic Blast Gates are an essential energy saving component for all dust collection and air handling systems. Installing Blast Gates that are directly connected to dust producing machinery is ENERGY SMART! When a dust producing machine is not in operation, airflow is not required. Power consumption is dramatically reduced, service life and capacity of a filtration system is increased, and the dBA levels of the fan's exhaust will be significantly lower. Pneumatic Blast Gates are used to independently control airflow on specific machines by linking their open/closed position to the active operation of the individual machine that requires dust collection or ventilation at a given time. Optimum energy savings and filter capacity utilization can be achieved by installing Energy Management Systems. Pneumatic Blast Gates can be operated independently of Energy Management System by connecting solenoid to dust producing machinery. Solenoid included with gate at this price. Energy Management System IS NOT required to operate gate.

Size from 80-600mm

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