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Epidemic Prevention And Control Report
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Epidemic Prevention And Control Report

Epidemic Prevention And Control Report
The novel coronavirus incident of infectious disease in Wuhan was unexpected. However, according to the experience of past SARS incidents, the novel coronavirus incident was quickly brought under state control. Until now no suspected cases have been found in the area where the factory is located. According to the company's uniform tracking statistics of employees, all of them are in good health and can return to work at any time.
Given that the time frame for the outbreak could be early February, Shijiazhuang in Nouthwest China's province extended the Spring Festival holiday from February 1st to February 10th. Although that official decision could have some impact on our production, it lasts for 9 days only, it’s not too long. After the resumption of production, we will also minimize the impact on delivery.
Before the Spring Festival, the factory in Hebei has completed most of the online orders in advance and after consulting with our customers, some products have been delivered in advance as well. The remaining products are scheduled to ship after the holiday. According to the current progress, the delivery date is delayed due to the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, which may affect the delivery date of some orders. However, we can adjust the mode of transportation according to our actual needs and change from sea to air to shorten transportation time. In that way, the impact on online orders will be reduced. We will make specific work adjustments next. 
For new orders, we will check the rest inventory and work out a plan for the production capacity. We are confident in our ability to absorb the new orders. Therefore, there will be no impact on future deliveries.
Under special circumstances, once the factory resumes on February 10, we can arrange additional work methods to speed up production and open emergency channels for products.
China has the determination and ability to defeat the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the [Hebei] government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. In a way, the mood remains upbeat. The epidemic will eventually be brought under control and eliminated.