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Elastic medium stretching process of metal stamping parts
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Elastic medium stretching process of metal stamping parts

In the deep drawing process of metal stamping parts, there is a process called elastic media deep drawing, so do you know how this process is going? The following stamping parts factory editor will take you to understand.

metal stamping parts

The elastic medium mentioned in this process refers to elastic materials such as rubber, plastic and polyurethane rubber. This kind of material not only has the characteristics of easy deformation, but also has the advantages of easy control of the deformation process. Using them to replace the steel punch or die can greatly simplify the structure of the drawing die, shorten the die manufacturing cycle, and reduce costs. advantage. However, it also has certain limitations, that is, the production efficiency is low, and it is more suitable for small batch and single-piece trial production.

This elastic medium drawing die has a simple structure, and because it is an elastic medium, the surface of the drawn stamping part has no defects such as scratches and indentations, so this deep drawing process can be used for deep drawing with a coating on the surface. s material. In addition, this process works with uniform pressure, and its advantages are more prominent if the forming process (such as pressing ribs, embossing, etc.) and punching are combined.

In metal stamping parts processing plants, it has great advantages to use the elastic medium drawing process to draw complex parts such as spherical parts and parabolic parts.