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Causes of defects in metal stamping parts
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Causes of defects in metal stamping parts

Common metal stamping parts defects have the following 9 categories, namely: cracking, stacking, wave, pulling, deformation, burr, lack of material, size mismatch, pit, bag and crush. Analysis of the causes of scrap metal stamping parts, from the five perspectives of man, machine, material, method, and ring.

metal stamping parts

1. The quality of metal stamping raw materials is poor, such as: uneven thickness and hardness, inaccurate shearing or slitting size;

2. Improper installation, adjustment and use of metal stamping dies. If the limit post is not attached, the die is not completely closed during stamping production.

3. The metal stamping operator does not correctly feed the stamping strip along the positioning or does not ensure that the strip is fed at a certain gap;

4. Due to the long-term use of the metal stamping die, the gap changes or its own working parts and guiding parts are worn;

5. The metal stamping die is affected by the impact and vibration for a long time, and the fastening parts are loosened, so that the installation positions of the die are relatively changed;

6. The negligence of the metal stamping operator did not follow the operating procedures.

7. The quality management system is not perfect, or the quality inspectors fail to conduct inspections on time, and spot inspections find abnormal abnormalities in time.

8. The punching machine for metal stamping parts has been in disrepair for a long time and the accuracy is insufficient, and the parallelism of the upper and lower table plates has decreased or the punching force has decreased.