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Automotive stamping parts stamping process
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Automotive stamping parts stamping process

In the case of designing the structure of the parts, automotive stamping parts should choose a simple and effective structure, and make the number of processed surfaces and the total processing area as small as possible;

automotive stamping parts

The materials commonly used in automotive stamping parts must not only meet the technical standards of the designed products, but also meet the processing regulations of the post-stamping drilling, electroplating process, cleaning and other processing processes;

Requirements for the forming performance of automotive stamping parts; in order to better benefit the stamping deformation and the improvement of stamping parts, the material should have excellent buildability, and the yield strength of the material should be smaller than the ratio of the ductile die. For the separation process, and The material does not necessarily have very good plastic deformation, and the material with better plastic deformation is less likely to be separated;

The stamping oil used in the whole process of automotive stamping parts should meet the requirements of the processing technology, and the special type of stamping oil with good performance can improve the processing environment and improve the precision of the parts.