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Automotive stamping parts processing manufacturers explain the processing process of automotive stamping parts
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Automotive stamping parts processing manufacturers explain the processing process of automotive stamping parts

When it comes to automotive stamping parts processing plants, everyone is familiar with it, but not many people know about automotive stamping parts processing. Today, Xiaobian will learn about the processing process of automotive stamping parts processing manufacturers. The processing of automotive stamping parts uses punch and The mold deforms or breaks stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other materials to achieve a certain shape and size. Metal stamping is easy to operate, has high production efficiency, and is easy to realize mechanization and automation. It is an indispensable and important production process for hardware manufacturers.

automotive stamping parts

1. Material preparation: The mold materials required for different products are also different, and the appropriate mold materials should be selected according to the product characteristics;

2. Rough machining: After selecting the material, use a milling machine or planer to preliminarily process the plane and side of the mold material.

3. Fine processing: It is necessary to use a grinder to process the plane and the four corners to make right angles. Grind the plane of the male splint, stripping plate, lower template and backing plate at right angles, and then grind the bottom plate and the upper cover plate to the plane.

4. Scribing: Place the finely ground and right-angled die plate on the scribing table, make drawings according to the die, and use the scribing height gauge to scribe the line, and finally scribe the scribed die plate. Dotting, drilling, tapping.

5. Heat treatment: The lower template and the module that need heat treatment to increase the hardness of the plate are subjected to high temperature quenching, tempering, quenching and tempering, annealing, and further finishing, the plate is ground and squared at right angles, and then wire cutting is performed.

6. Assemble and test the mold: choose the mold base or supporting guide post and guide sleeve to complete the mold assembly, install the assembled mold on the stamping machine for debugging and stamping, and finally measure the punched out to confirm whether it meets the requirements of the product , to complete the entire automotive stamping parts processing.