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Adjustment and use of ductwork blast gate damper should be done with care
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Adjustment and use of ductwork blast gate damper should be done with care

As we all know, the application of ductwork blast gate damper sometimes requires some adjustments, and if not handled properly, it may bring some adverse effects, so you must not be careless in the adjustment and use methods, here are some suggestions for you.

ductwork blast gate damper

First, it is recommended that you adjust the scale value to more than 4. If the tension is too large at this time, it is best to use a ductwork blast gate damper with a smaller size.

Second, if it is used at a scale value of 4 or less, force pulsation may occur. Please eliminate the pulsation as described in item 3 below.

Third, loosen the fastening screw, turn the scale to 10, slowly turn the scale to 0 while turning the spindle, and then turn to the desired scale value, and tighten the locking screw.

Fourth, if there is tension pulsation during use, please repeat the steps of adjustment method 3 above until a satisfactory tension is obtained.

Fifth, the ductwork blast gate damper uses a magnet to generate a medium magnetic field, and the material is brittle, so do not disassemble it during use to avoid damage to the machine.