2-201,Fangda Tech Park ,No.266 Tianshan Street, Shijiazhuang

City,Hebei Province, China


Hebei Yunpeng Machinery is a leading enterprise

whose metal parts and duct fittings production.


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About us


Hebei Yunpeng Machinery

Hebei Yunpeng Machinery is a leading enterprise whose duct fittings production, metal processing and trade are integrative. Our factory is located at Shijiazhuang, where is close to

Beijing and Tianjin, so it is convenient for transportation.


Our company owns a lot of senior engineers and skilled workers that engaged in all types of work, and are capable of very solid manufacturing and processing.
We  produce all kinds of metal parts include machine parts, metal stamping, deep drawn, sheet fabrication, welding  parts, and assemble products which are widely used in equipment,

communications, electronics, household appliance, construction, mining machinery, ventilation system, dust extraction system, fireplaces, boilers,  heaters,  auto parts, agricultural

equipment and many other industries.


At the same time, fiber machine is our develpoment projects , mainly include  fiber marking machines, cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, etc.


Hebei Yunpeng Machinery


Responsible for customers, responsible for partners, responsible for employees,

responsible for society, and adhering to the concept of “openness, innovation”.


We use advanced processing and assembly techniques, and strictly observe the

quality control procedures, committed to provide users with high-quality, safe,

reliable machinery,equipment and all kinds of metal accessories.