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Round back U clamp

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Product:Round back U clamp

Material: Galvanized steel,stainless steel


1,U clamps diameter 1.5"-3" are mainly for cars and tractors

2,Diameter 3"-5" mainly for trucks and road machinery vehicles

3,U shape bolt and U saddle make a tight fasten to the pipe, galvanized surface or chrome for better corrosion resistance

4,It is single, round back U shape which offer a complete fit on the pipe to clamp on

5,The U bolt is M8 or M10,all depend on customer request

6,It offer long time usage and tight fasten for pipe connection

7,The clamps can be customized according to customer requirement.We can develop new U saddle clamp based on offered size details

Product Specification:

Part No. Pipe diameter(inch) Pipe diameter(mm)
C01 1.5 38
C02 1.75 44.5
C03 2 50.8
C04 2.25 57
C05 2.5 63.5
C06 2.75 69.9
C07 3 76.2
C08 3.25 82.5
C09 3.5 88.9
C10 4 101.6

C11 5 127
C12 5.5 139.7
C13 6 152.4
C14 7 177.8
C15 8 203.2
C16 9 228.6
C17 10



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