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Laser cutting machine routine operation precautions
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Laser cutting machine routine operation precautions

1.Theoperatormuststrictlyabidebythesafeoperationrulesofthelasercuttingmachine. 2.Theoperatormustconsultalltheinstructionsattachedorreceivethetrainingofourcustomerservicestaff,familiarwiththestructurea
1. The operator must strictly abide by the safe operation rules of the laser cutting machine.
2. The operator must consult all the instructions attached or receive the training of our customer service staff, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the knowledge of the operating system.
3. Wear labor protection articles as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements in the vicinity of the laser beam.
4. Do not process a material before it can be irradiated or heated by laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke and vapor.